We provide a full range of mental health services from individual and family
counseling to Community Support Services. We have three Masters Level
Therapists who conduct individual and group therapy sessions. We also have four
Community Support Staff who are trained to assist clients in acquiring appropriate
services in the community.
Linking to Services
Individual and Family
Group Counseling
Skill Building
To Receive Services:
Call us at 828-349-6185 or on the Emergency Phone at 828-342-0875.
Once we are aware of what services you may be needing we can link you to the
appropriate service for your situation.
If you wish you may use the following procedure to acquire services:
1. Call Smoky Mountain Center at 1-800-849-6127 and ask for the Access Center.
2. You will have to answer a series of questions pertaining to the service you wish     
    to receive.
3. When asked to choose a provider, choose Family Mental Health, P.A.
4. Smoky Mountain Center will notify Family Mental Health of your choice and will        
    schedule your first appointment for you.